What’s In Those Jars?

In order to help kids remember each of the people in the lineage of Christ, we wrap a tiny object representing their story and put it in a small numbered glass jar. Each night we open the next jar, pull out the little envelope containing the mystery object and replace it with a tea light candle. We also light all the candles in the previous nights’ jars. When they open the envelope they guess who the object might represent. Then we read the devotional, sing the corresponding hymn/carol and finally we listen to a section of Handel’s Messiah while we enjoy a yummy treat. Here’s a list of the objects for each week with a link to a printable coloring page of the same object. The images are simple enough that they can be cut out and hung up for display. You can also write the person who it represents on the back of each picture for quizzing purposes.

  1. World
  2. Apple
  3. Phone
  4. Scroll
  5. Clock
  6. Boat
  7. Rainbow
  8. Star
  9. Bundle of firewood
  10. Ladder
  11. Lion
  12. Red rope or chord
  13. Wheat
  14. Tree
  15. Lamb
  16. Fountain
  17. Crown
  18. Scorpion
  19. Gift of gold or silver
  20. Warrior
  21. Snake
  22. Bible
  23. Heart
  24. Hammer
  25. Light bulb