Welcome to our Advent study!  Our tradition began years ago as a gift to our sons.  No brightly wrapped trinket under a tree could match the richly detailed story of redemption found in God’s Word and we wanted a way to present that to them in a memorable, tangible way.  So beginning December 1 we set aside time each day to open the pages of scripture and read about a different person in the lineage of Christ, whose birth the world has chosen to celebrate this month.  We also sing a corresponding hymn and listen to a section of Handel’s Messiah.  To help tie it all together for young minds we put a tiny object representing each of the people we are reading about in a numbered envelope which ours 5 boys take turns opening each day or you can simply click on the links for printable coloring pages instead.

This year, we have chosen to share this gift with other loved ones including readers of this blog.  Perhaps you too, would like to break through the distracting decorations, shopping sprees, and holiday havoc and join us in celebrating Christ’s first coming by looking forward to His second.   Let us saturate the season with the story of salvation  and let us long for His return.  Come, Lord Jesus.